Girls first fund

what’s the challenge?

Each year, 12 million girls are married before they turn 18. That equates to 23 girls every minute; nearly one every two seconds. Child marriage is a complex issue, rooted in gender inequality and fueled and sustained by factors including poverty, insecurity, and certain traditions and cultural practices. Its results are clear: child brides are denied their rights to health, education, and safety, while communities and nations lose out on the full potential girls and women represent

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what’s the opportunity?

A wide range of actors working to end child marriage, including communities, civil society, governments and international organizations, have made great strides in the movement to end child marriage over the last decade. Yet there is a gap in resources reaching local communities. Recognizing that solutions must be local and contextual, the Girls First Fund will identify and support organizations working within their communities to end this deep-rooted practice.

While many community-based organizations are making significant advances in ending child marriage, they often lack the resources to replicate or scale up their work. The Fund will identify the most-promising community-based organizations – particularly those led by girls, women, and youth – and provide them with multi-year funding to carry out local solutions to end child marriage.

the accelerator will:

  • Engage new donors with the goal of radically expanding resources to community-based organizations, which are critical to ending child marriage. The Fund will start with a Learning Year of grantmaking in six countries—the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic, India, Nepal, Niger, and Uganda—with the goal of expanding over time.
  • Invest in community-based organizations, supporting projects across a range of approaches and strategies.
  • Help make thesewomen’s voices heard through The Points Guy, providing 5 million air miles to help enable women campaign and advocate globally.
  • Generate and share knowledge to champion effective and locally-relevant solutions by providing a vehicle for measuring results and sharing learning.

What you can do

Give to the Girls First Fund

Visit to learn how you can join us as a partner and give to the Girls First Fund. The scale of the problem is vast, and we’re just getting started!

Share facts

Share facts about child marriage and the power of the Girls First Fund with your networks.

Encourage funding

Encourage community-based organizations to apply for funding.