Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

What are accelerators?

Greater than the sum of their parts, Goalkeepers Accelerators are extraordinary partnerships that work hard and fast to bring us closer to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Curated every year specifically for Goalkeepers, this unique platform brings together partners from different sectors who are dedicated to pooling their collective investment, brain power and big ideas to tackle one or more of the SDGs. Often consisting of strange bedfellows, Accelerators challenge all of us to think about new ways to drive measurable progress, empower rising young leaders and work together to achieve equity.

By becoming an Accelerator, partners commit to launching something entirely new that will have a transformative impact on achieving the SDGs – whether that means engaging new partners and donors, scaling to a new country or region, launching a new product, or more. Our growing community of Goalkeepers holds these Accelerators accountable to the ambitious goals they set for themselves over the next 3-5 years. With shared commitment, unbridled ambition, and a willingness to think big, Goalkeepers Accelerators play a critical role in getting us one step closer to success in 2030.

Who are the Accelerators?

To date, we have launched ten unique Accelerators with more than 80 partners touching a variety of SDG targets and indicators. Every year, we announce new Accelerators that are pushing boundaries to create a more equitable world.

An Accelerator in action

Community Health Workers are on the front line of expanding access to care—and this Accelerator, launched in 2017, continues to expand their impact by supporting countries in the establishment of their own national health worker programs. Building on their work in Liberia Last Mile Health launched the world’s first continuing education platform to develop nation Community Health Worker programs, together with a coalition of over 15 partners. As of September 2019, this Accelerator had already enrolled over 10,000 learners from 175 countries in its first leadership course, has deepened its relationships with key partners in Liberia, Ethiopia and Uganda, and strengthened the clinical skills of over 3,500 community health professionals in Liberia.


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The Goalkeepers Report

The stories behind the data

The Goalkeepers Report is published every year and charts the progress toward the Global Goals. This year’s report focuses on inequality and the complex layers that affect so many people.

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Explore The Data

To track global progress every year, a set of 18 indicators show what’s changing and why. Dig into the data and see what the numbers mean for real people and communities

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Global goal awards

In September 2019, Goalkeepers will present the fourth annual Global Goals Awards. These awards tell the extraordinary stories of remarkable individuals taking action to bring the Global Goals to life and help achieve them by 2030.

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