Image of panelists speaking at the 2017 Goalkeepers event.



We’re thrilled to welcome our first-ever Goalkeepers Advisory Board. Our Advisory Board is comprised of ten outstanding leaders who represent a diverse range of countries. Board members serve for a period of two years and help shape key pieces of our Goalkeepers initiative.

The Goalkeepers Advisory Board works with the Gates Foundation to help shape the direction of Goalkeepers and its mission of advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. They provide strategic advice and work to expand the reach and network of Goalkeepers in their own countries and regions. Our advisors input on key components of the Goalkeepers initiative including the event, report, and continued engagement with its community of leaders.

Global Goals Awards

In September 2019, Goalkeepers presented the fourth annual Global Goals Awards. These awards tell the extraordinary stories of remarkable individuals taking action to bring the Global Goals to life and help achieve them by 2030.

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The Goalkeepers Report

The Goalkeepers Report is published every year and charts the progress toward the Global Goals. This year’s report focuses on inequality and the complex layers that affect so many people.

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