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Strategy Leadership


Emilio Emini

HIV and Tuberculosis

Emilio A. Emini, Ph.D. leads the team focused on accelerating the reduction in the incidence of HIV infection, in high-burden geographies/populations of Southern and Eastern Africa.

Erika Arthun

Deputy Director,
Global Health

Erika Arthun leads a team to create and implement strategies to increase political commitment to and funding for TB, HIV, and Global Health Research & Development.

Geoff Garnett

Deputy Director,
Data & Metrics

Geoff Garnett works on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health programs, with a particular focus on HIV.

Charles Gombar

Deputy Director,
Global Health

Dr. Charles Gombar guides product development investments and activities with key partners to introduce new interventions for HIV prevention and treatment.

Nina Russell

Deputy Director,
Global Health

Nina Russell, deputy director, HIV, oversees the foundation’s HIV vaccine strategy and the management of a portfolio of grants supporting HIV vaccine translational and development activities.

Michael Santos

Deputy Director,
Strategy, Planning and Management

Michael Santos supports strategy and operations for the Discovery & Translational Sciences and HIV teams in the Global Health division.

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