Who We Are



Our operations team oversees key business functions within the foundation.

Carolyn Ainslie

Carolyn Ainslie oversees finance and accounting, financial planning and analysis, risk and assurance, partner organizational effectiveness, the Strategic Investment Fund, and several special initiatives.

Connie Collingsworth

Directora de Operaciones

Connie Collingsworth leads many of the foundation’s operational functions including Information Technology, Human Resources, Legal, Global Security, and Grants and Contracts Services. She is also the foundation’s chief legal officer.

Shana Tarbell

Shana Tarbell develops strategic direction and manages all aspects of the foundation’s physical and information security programs to include personnel, policies, processes, and systems.

Sue Taylor

Sue leads the team that develops, implements, and maintains all the enterprise applications and platforms that support core business processes across the foundation.

Ruth Atherton

Ruth Atherton is primarily responsible for legal, compliance, policy, and strategic advice on a broad portfolio of grants, contracts, and investments for the Global Health division.

Bob Benoit

Bob Benoit is responsible for IT infrastructure, end-user services, and operations technology services.

Lauren Bright

Lauren Bright is the primary legal advisor to the foundation’s United States Program division and Global Policy & Advocacy division.

Jennifer Deger

Jennifer Deger leads the team responsible for accounting and tax services for the foundation, the trust, and its regional offices.

Andrew Farnum

Andrew Farnum leads the foundation's $2 billion strategic investment program.

Jeremy Forman

Jeremy Forman is responsible for IT’s future technology state planning and architecture enablement and governance.

Brian Ivie

Brian Ivie is responsible for the physical security programs, systems, vendors, and delivery of personal and office security across the foundation.

Lisa Johnsen

Lisa Johnsen is the foundation’s senior tax counsel and leads the foundation’s grants and contracts services team.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson serves as director, Human Resources, and chief of staff for the chief human resources officer.

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones leads a multidisciplinary team focused on the design, development, and implementation of platforms that amplify the foundation’s impact.

Merran Kubalak

Merran Kubalak drives the overarching IT strategy; the consistency of delivery through IT’s Project Management Office; and the continuous improvement and efficiency across business capabilities and processes.

Bindi Lassige

Bindi Lassige acts as the business owner of all human resources related systems and technologies, and manages a team of human resources generalists who provide client aligned support across the foundation.

Helene Madonick

Helene Madonick is primarily responsible for legal services for the operations of the foundation’s global regional offices.

Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews oversees legal work related to the foundation’s Global Development and Global Growth & Opportunity divisions.

Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell is the director of the Enterprise Business Management team with primary responsibility for the foundation’s centralized financial planning, forecasting, and data analysis functions.

Aaron Moses

Aaron Moses is the director of Global Facilities, Events, Travel (GFET) and HR Operations (HRGO).

Lynne Herer Smith

Lynne Herer Smith leads an internal team that designs, tests, and implements improved business practices.

Elmar Vinh-Thomas

Elmar Vinh-Thomas leads the foundation’s efforts on risk management, audit, and grant-related fraud investigations to protect the foundation’s brand and reputation in the service of impact.

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