Who We Are

Global Growth & Opportunity


Global Growth and Opportunity works to catalyze sustainable transformative change in the face of inequities and market failures, to realize the potential of untapped markets, and to see the economic and social benefits of including everyone.

Rodger Voorhies

Rodger Voorhies is president of the Global Growth & Opportunity division.

Brian Arbogast

Brian Arbogast leads the foundation’s effort to bring groundbreaking innovations in sanitation technology and new ways to deliver sanitation products and services to people in the developing world.

Nick Austin

Nick leads the team that works to reduce poverty for millions of farming families in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia by increasing agricultural productivity.

Keith Matthews

Keith Matthews oversees legal work related to the foundation’s Global Development and Global Growth & Opportunity divisions.

Jamie Morris

Jamie Morris is the divisional chief financial officer for both Global Development and Global Growth & Opportunity.

Michael Wiegand

Michael Wiegand leads the foundation’s effort to make high quality financial services widely accessible to poor people throughout the developing world.

Carol Welch


Carol Welch is the director, Strategy, Planning, and Management, and chief of staff, Global Growth & Opportunity.

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