Andreas Bluethner

Andreas Bluethner

Director, Nutrition

Andreas Bluethner serves as the foundation’s director of Nutrition. He is leading the execution of the foundation’s Nutrition strategy, which focuses on innovation, private sector engagement, and large-scale food fortification. Andreas also leads cross-foundation collaboration on nutrition, ensuring that all strategies that invest in nutrition are coordinated and aligned for maximum impact.

Prior to the foundation, Andreas served as director of Food Fortification & Partnerships for BASF SE, a leading chemical company, manufacturer of micronutrients, and active partner to global fortification programs and actors for decades. Prior to BASF, Andreas spent time working with the UN, the German government, and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)—one of the Gates Foundation’s largest Nutrition grantees.

Andreas holds a Ph.D. in international economics and human rights law from the University of Mannheim and a business administration degree from Robert Bosch, Stuttgart. He also served as mentor for social entrepreneurs worldwide as an Ashoka Globalizer, as founding board member for WFP Innovation Accelerator, and as a board member of Listo, a social business based in Guatemala serving nutritious food to the undernourished. He worked in academia as a permanent lecturer on food and nutrition security, trade, and human rights for the University of Mannheim and European Business School in Wiesbaden for more than a decade.

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