Sonia Vora




Sonia Vora is responsible for developing and delivering talent-focused solutions that supports a high integrity culture and global impact. In this role, Sonia oversees internal and external Talent Acquisition, Talent & Succession Planning, People Analytics, and Workforce Planning.

Throughout her career, Sonia has played an instrumental role in building global functions and organizations to optimize for customer experience, employee engagement, and scalable growth. She developed her career in investment banking and strategy consulting, before joining Northern Trust in Human Resources. As the SVP, Global Talent Development, Sonia launched the global operations center in Bangalore along with associated programs like mentoring, onboarding, and functional training for 6,000 employees. As the head of Talent at Cetera Financial Group, Sonia built the end to end talent management department from the ground up before returning to the business as the head of Customer Experience for 15,000 financial advisors overseeing advisor training, business consulting, and change management. A highly collaborative partner, Sonia’s focus has been to support growth, transformation, and high integrity cultures that delivers on the expectations of its customers and responds nimbly to the needs of its workforce.

She graduated with honors with a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Temple University, and an MBA with a concentration in International Business from Georgetown University. She also holds a B.A. degree with double major in English and Economics from Albion College.

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