Jonathan Castrodale

Chief of Staff & Operations Chief Financial Officer



Jonathan Castrodale is the chief of staff to the foundation’s chief financial officer where he serves as an extension of the chief financial officer across the foundation on select finance, strategy, and resource planning issues. Jonathan also serves as the operations chief financial officer where he leads and manages the foundation-wide operations budget planning processes.

Jonathan joined the foundation in 2011 as a senior manager in business intelligence and analytics where he helped expand that capability in service to the foundation’s programmatic work. He later served as the deputy director for Strategy, Planning and Management for the Communications division and subsequently for the Nutrition team at the foundation. In that capacity he was responsible for leading the strategic, financial, and operational aspects of those teams.

Prior to joining the foundation, Jonathan was a management consultant serving non-profit, technology, and other sectors. Jonathan holds Master of Engineering and B.S. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University.


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