Oliver Babson




Ollie Babson leads a foundation effort to pioneer digital giving platforms and philanthropic channels for COVID-19 responses. He also supports special learning initiatives for foundation leaders and advises on the evolution of the foundation’s advocacy strategies.

Ollie previously served as the director of Strategy, Planning & Management for the foundation’s international and domestic policy, advocacy, and government affairs operations. He established and led the Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation function for the foundation’s advocacy division. Before that, he served as a senior program officer, overseeing a portfolio of international development policy research investments aimed at improving health and economic outcomes for vulnerable communities globally.

Before joining the foundation in 2007, Ollie worked with the U.S. Federal Reserve Board’s Division of International Finance, the Economic Policy Research Institute in South Africa, and the United Nations Development Program and UNICEF in Tajikistan, where he coordinated the UN's assessment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Ollie holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College, a master’s degree from Princeton University's School of Public and International Affairs, and a law degree from Yale.

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