Elisa Keller

Director, Office of the President and Chief of Staff



Elisa Keller, director, Office of the President, and chief of staff, Global Policy & Advocacy, provides support and counsel across the division’s efforts to build strategic relationships with governments, NGOs, and other key partners, all in service of increasing awareness, action, and resources devoted to global development and health priorities.

Elisa joined the foundation in 2006 and has served in several roles including the deputy director, Strategy, Planning and Management for the Agricultural Development team, chief of staff to the president of the Global Development Program, and a grant maker for the Financial Services for the Poor team. Prior to her work at the foundation, Elisa served in a variety of positions in business, government, and nonprofit. She worked as a consultant for PATH, a teacher in rural Namibia, an aide to Joel Klein working on education reform in New York City, director of development and performance evaluation for New Leaders for New Schools, and an analyst at McKinsey & Company working on healthcare, biotechnology, retail, and education issues.

Elisa earned her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and serves on the board of Town Hall Seattle.

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