Who We Are

Global Development


Our Global Development Program leadership team oversees the foundation's work in developing countries on agricultural development, family health, vaccine delivery, financial services for the poor, emergency relief, and access to computers and the Internet.

Christopher Elias


As the head of Global Development, Dr. Chris Elias focuses on high-impact, sustainable solutions for people in developing countries.

Rodger Voorhies

Executive Director

Rodger Voorhies is executive director of the Agricultural Development, Financial Services for the Poor, Gender Equality, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene teams within the Global Development Program.

Brian Arbogast


Brian Arbogast leads the foundation’s effort to bring groundbreaking innovations in sanitation technology and new ways to deliver sanitation products and services to people in the developing world.

Nick Austin


Nick leads the team that works to reduce poverty for millions of farming families in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia by increasing agricultural productivity.

Shawn Baker


Shawn Baker leads the foundation’s efforts to ensure that women and children receive the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development.

Paulin Basinga


Dr. Paulin Basinga leads a growing team in development and execution of the country plan for Nigeria and acts as the principal Nigerian liaison with key program leads and strategy teams in Seattle.

Hugh Chang


Hugh Chang works on strategic planning, portfolio management and coordination across the foundation’s global activities.

Pierre Grand


Pierre Grand is the director, Office of the President, and chief of staff, Global Development Program.

Sarah Hendriks


Sarah Hendriks leads the foundation’s efforts to achieve substantive and sustainable results in promoting gender equality and unlocking the empowerment of women and girls.

Dana Hovig


Dana Hovig leads the foundation's efforts to speed up the launch, improve the delivery, enhance integration, and scale up the use of life saving and life-changing products, services, technologies, and service delivery innovations.

Deborah Jacobs


Deborah Jacobs oversees our efforts to improve access to information and technology in public libraries in developing countries.

Orin Levine


Dr. Orin Levine leads the foundation’s efforts to evaluate new vaccines and to improve routine immunization systems.

Nachiket Mor


Nachiket Mor oversees the foundation's efforts to improve health, sanitation, financial inclusion, and agriculture in India.

Kellie Sloan


Kellie Sloan leads the foundation’s efforts for creating innovative ways to improve family planning outcomes in developing countries.

Haddis Tadesse


Haddis Tadesse oversees our work in Ethiopia as well as our partnership with the African Union.

Jay Wenger


Dr. Jay Wenger leads polio eradication efforts within the Global Development Program.

Michael Wiegand


Michael Wiegand leads the foundation’s effort to make high quality financial services widely accessible to poor people throughout the developing world.

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