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Laura Staley



Laura Staley, Senior Portfolio Officer of Postsecondary Success in the United States Program, is responsible for execution planning and financial management for the foundation’s investment portfolio for postsecondary education innovations. In addition, Laura and her team hold the operational and governance responsibility for grantmaking and management of our postsecondary investment approach.

Prior to joining the Postsecondary Success team, Laura was the Senior Officer for grantee and partner engagement at the foundation. In her previous role, she worked with teams and leadership to increase the foundation’s impact and deliver on its grantee commitment to quality interactions, clear and consistent communication, and opportunities for two-way feedback. Her role included managing large scale surveys of grantees, helping operations teams seek input from grantees on key initiatives, and developing feedback loops that provide teams with timely and actionable data.

Before joining the foundation in 2012, Laura provided strategic consulting, project management, and grant management for over a decade to multiple foundation grantees funded by the Global Libraries, Education, and Pacific Northwest teams. Her experience as a grantee offers her a unique lens to support the foundation’s work.

Laura received her master’s degree in teaching at Seattle University and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington.


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