What We Do

Postsecondary Success

Strategy Leadership


Patrick Methvin

US Program

Patrick Methvin oversees work designed to significantly increase the number of Americans achieving a post-high school credential and eliminate educational attainment disparities by race and income.

Jennifer Engle

Deputy Director

Dr. Jennifer Engle leads the foundation’s efforts in postsecondary data, measurement, learning, and evaluation.

Gabriella Gomez

Deputy Director,
US Program

Gabriella Gomez leads the foundation’s efforts in postsecondary policy, advocacy, and communications.

Anne Green

Senior Advisor

Anne Green, advisor to the director, leads special projects and grants that require cross-team coordination or investment for other funders.

Laura Staley

Senior Portfolio Officer

Laura Staley is responsible for execution planning and financial management for the foundation’s investment portfolio for postsecondary education innovations.

Suzanne Walsh

Deputy Director,
US Program

Suzanne Walsh, deputy director, Postsecondary Education, leads the foundation’s efforts in institutional redesign strategies.

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