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Dan Hartman



Dr. Dan Hartman joined the foundation in 2012 as the director of Integrated Development, and leads a team that provides technical expertise in product development. Under his leadership, Integrated Development works closely with the foundation’s disease strategy teams to manage product pipelines from late discovery through registration by providing state of the art input in the areas of quantitative sciences/pharmacology, chemical manufacturing, and regulatory strategy. Integrated Development also manages investments in a variety of areas that will benefit numerous foundation strategies, most notably in the areas of regulatory systems, pharmacology focused model based drug development, big data programs, novel formulations (including pediatrics) and low-cost manufacturing. From 2016-2018, he took on additional responsibility as the interim director of the Malaria program strategy, guiding the foundation’s efforts towards eradication. He is currently a senior advisor to the Malaria team.

Dan has extensive management and pharmaceutical development experience. He joined the foundation after four years as president and CEO of Great Lakes Development Inc., a consulting company providing strategic and operational support for early drug development projects. Previously, he served as senior vice president of Product Development at deCODE genetics, executive director of Pfizer Global Research and Development, vice president of Global Clinical Development at Esperion Therapeutics, and clinical research positions at Eli Lilly & Company. He has also provided consultation to the biopharmaceutical venture capital community, and serves as a member/advisor to several non-profit boards.

Dan is a member of the NIH National Center for the Advancement of Translational Sciences (NCATS) and Cures Acceleration Network advisory board. He is the president of the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and the recipient of numerous awards including National Inventor of the Year in the United States. He received his bachelor’s degree from Calvin College and his medical degree from Wayne State University. He trained in internal medicine and completed a fellowship in pulmonary medicine at Indiana University, where he also was chief medical resident.


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