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Sindura Ganapathi



Sindura Ganapathi, deputy director, Discovery & Translational Sciences focuses on early childhood growth and development.

Sindura joined the foundation in 2012. Before becoming a deputy director on the Discovery & Translational Sciences team, he served as chief of staff to the office of the president in Global Health, and as a program officer for the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health strategy. His work included setting and executing a research agenda around maternal and neonatal health to improve conditions such as post-partum hemorrhage, neonatal survival, and early growth. He also coordinated the integration of the foundation’s human health and animal health strategies as part of our “One Health” approach.

Sindura came to the foundation from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH/NIEHS), bringing with him a unique combination of backgrounds in biomedical research, veterinary science, and business development. His research background spans disciplines such as pharmacokinetics, ion channel physiology, inositol phosphate biology, and immunology.

Sindura holds a BVSc (DVM) and masters in veterinary pharmacology from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India; a PhD in Pharmacology from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI); and an MBA from Penn State University.

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