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Blair Hanewall



Blair Hanewall, deputy director, Integrated Delivery team, oversees the Intervention, Consumer and Markets team focused on ensuring optional design and effective launch of priority innovations (medicines, diagnostics, vector control, health commodities) and healthy markets for interventions. Prior to her current role Blair worked on several other Global Health teams during her tenure including Global Health Advocacy/Policy & Finance division, and Vaccine Delivery.

Prior to the foundation in 2003, Blair operated in the business development team of a microbicide biotech firm. She also managed health programs with CARE International in Ecuador, and assisted a USAID project, Juhudi Women's Association, to initiate a medical dispensary in a rural ward in Tanzania.

Blair earned her B.A. from Duke University and master’s in business and public health from Johns Hopkins University School of Professional Business and Education and School of Public Health, respectively.

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