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Integrated Delivery

Strategy Leadership


Dana Hovig

Integrated Delivery

Dana Hovig leads the foundation's efforts to speed up the launch, improve the delivery, enhance integration, and scale up the use of life saving and life-changing innovations.

Geoff Garnett

Deputy Director,
Global Development

Geoff Garnett works on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health programs, with a particular focus on HIV.

Blair Hanewall

Deputy Director

Blair Hanewall oversees the Interventions, Consumers, and Markets team that focuses on ensuring optimal ideation & design, market dynamics, and launch & uptake of non-vaccine innovations.

Krishna Jafa

Deputy Director,
Programs, Channels, and Components

Krishna Jafa oversees the team that focuses on supply chain systems, demand and behavior change, ICT and data systems, and frontline delivery expertise to improve health services.

Jean Kagubare

Deputy Director,
Global Primary Health Care

Jean Kagubare oversees the Global Primary Health Care team, providing technical and managerial leadership for foundation’s health financing and health systems strengthening work with a focus on improving primary health care systems.

Shunsuke Mabuchi

Deputy Director,
Strategy, Planning & Management

Shunsuke Mabuchi oversees strategy and operations for the Integrated Delivery team and also leads a programmatic and technical body of work related to health systems strengthening.

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