What We Do

Financial Services for the Poor

Strategy Leadership


Michael Wiegand


Michael Wiegand leads the foundation’s effort to make high quality financial services widely accessible to poor people throughout the developing world.

Janine Firpo

Deputy Director

Janine Firpo works with her team to accelerate and extend the penetration of digital financial services.

Liz Kellison

Deputy Director

Liz Kellison is responsible for leading the strategic, financial, and operational activities for the Financial Services for the Poor team.

Jason Lamb

Deputy Director

Jason Lamb works with the Financial Services for the Poor team’s strategic partners and standard setting bodies to improve the poor’s access to digital financial services.

Konstantin Peric

Deputy Director

Konstantin Peric oversees the strategy and grants to deliver digital payment solutions for the poor.

Daniel Radcliffe

Deputy Director

Daniel leads the Research & Emerging Technologies team responsible for increasing access to digital payment systems.

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