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Synlogic, Inc.




It can be difficult to diagnose and treat enteric pathogens that disproportionately impact individuals living in developing countries. There are few good point of care diagnostics for gut pathogens (ETEC, Shigella, Cryptosporidium, etc.) and fewer drug choices that provide therapeutic benefit.


To develop a new therapeutic approach to supporting general gut health in the absence of a specific pathogen diagnosis. To leverage a new technology that allows for the genetic engineering of gut microbes to dampen gut inflammation and improve gut function in the present of enteric disease and/or just dysfunction.


Synlogic, Inc.
Early stage company that is leveraging a technology spin-out from Boston University, MIT and HHMI.

Foundation Focus:
To support the development of a global health products and interventions focused on the enteric disease burden of the developing world.


Equity Investment
Date: October 2014
Co-Investors: Atlas Ventures, New Enterprise Associates
Associated funding: None

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