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It is difficult to identify women at high risk for preterm births, especially in first pregnancies and in low resource settings:

  • There are no current diagnostics that can reliably predict risk for preterm birth and allow appropriate interventions to be implemented to ameliorate this risk or better prepare for early delivery.


To develop a diagnostic that accurately forecasts risk for preterm birth that can be applied in the poorest environments.

  • To leverage a best-in-class maternal-fetal diagnostic platform for the development of novel biomarkers of prenatal risk used in high resource environments but cost effective in low resource settings.


Sera Prognostics
Biotech company that is developing a preterm birth risk diagnostic, called the PreTRM™ Test, the first blood-based diagnostic of its kind.

Foundation focus: To support the development of an affordable and accessible preterm birth diagnostic for the developing world.


Equity Investment
Date: August 2015
Co-Investors: Chione, Domain Associates, Interwest, Catalyst Health Ventures

Associated funding: Grant


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