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PAHO HPV Prepayment Loan




PAHO wanted to broaden access to vaccination against cervical cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Long manufacturing processes for the HPV vaccine requires early visibility into volume requirements to allow supplier to offer lower prices to expand access


To ensure that existing life-saving vaccines are introduced into countries where people need them most and to support the innovation needed to develop new vaccines and new delivery technologies and approaches

  • The loan will support a volume guarantee and prepayment mechanism to encourage PAHO's access to a more affordable supply of Cervarix and demonstrate the benefits of alternative contracting terms in developing a low-cost procurement approach


Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
PAHO's Revolving Fund mechanism facilitates timely access to vaccines, including HPV vaccine

GSK: PAHO has entered into a volume guarantee and prepayment arrangement with GSK, the manufacturer of Cervarix

Foundation focus: To facilitate PAHO’s volume guarantee by providing prepayment funding support to PAHO in the form of a loan


Prepayment loan to PAHO to facilitate price reduction
Date: November 2014
Co-Investors: none
Associated funding: PAHO Member States will directly fund procurement and delivery of HPV vaccine through existing procurement mechanisms

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