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Education technology companies serving the needs of our target student population lack aligned investors and capital to scale

  • Consumer-facing companies capture a significant share of current funding, leaving those with district/school enterprise models behind
  • There exists a clear Series A-C funding gap that poses a threat to the long-term scalability/sustainability of the industry


Support Owl as investor dedicated to identifying, supporting, and catalyzing capital for educational technology companies serving low income students

  • Use PRIs to strengthen the availability of technology enabled content and tools that truly meet teacher and student needs while providing incentives to cultivate a strong investor base that will attract more capital to the sector long-term


Owl Ventures
San Francisco-based venture fund that will lead Series A/B investments in US K-12 education technology companies.

Foundation focus: Ensuring that those investments will be in the service of those students most in need and that they will address clear gaps in the market


$15M LP Equity Investment
Date: May 2015
Co-Investors: Confidential foundations, college and university endowments, family offices and strategic education focused institutions

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