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Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth NJ USA Contraceptive Implants




Women in the developing world want the ability to space births, but have limited access to long-lasting reversible contraceptive implants. Limited competition, fragmented procurement, high upfront costs and a shortage of trained workers prevented the market from reaching its potential. 


Contraceptive implants offer developing world women a valuable option for long-acting but reversible contraception. The 2012 Family Planning Summit committed to giving 120 million women access to family planning information, contraceptives and services. Product savings of 50%+ free up capital to streamline procurement practices, service delivery and other market infrastructure, making more product available. 


Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth NJ USA: Implanon / Implanon NXT supplier
Co-guarantors: Norway, CIFF, SIDA
Procurers: USAID, DfID, UNFPA

Foundation Focus: Increasing developing country access to a wider range of affordable contraceptive methods


Volume guaranty: price reduction
Date: May 2013
Associated Funding: Donor consortium to provide supporting investments in service delivery, implementation and monitoring

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