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Lodo Therapeutics




Currently available therapies for diseases, like TB and malaria, that disproportionately impact the developing world are lengthy, expensive and being lost to drug resistance:

  • There is a high need for increased chemical diversity for improving current drug therapies and identifying new drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases in the developing world.


To improve and expand therapies for the treatment of infectious disease in the developing world.

  • To leverage a natural product discovery technology for the improvement of current antibiotics and the potential development of novel therapies for the treatment of TB, malaria and other infectious diseases relevant to global health.


Lodo Therapeutics
Early stage company that is leveraging a technology spun out from Rockefeller University.

Foundation focus: To support the development of new therapeutics focused on the infectious disease burden of the developing world.


Equity Investment
Date: January 2016
Co-Investors: ARCH Venture Partners, AbbVie, Eli Lilly, Harris & Harris Group, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Pfizer Ventures, and Alexandria Venture Investments

Associated funding: None.


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