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Just Biotherapeutics, Inc.




The cost of manufacturing small lots of material for in-human experimental medicine studies to probe human immunology and optimize vaccine antigens or monoclonal antibody (mAb) constructs is currently high. This limits foundation partners' ability to conduct this valuable work.


The foundation is supporting the construction of Just's cGMP biologics manufacturing facility in exchange for partner access to low-cost production runs. This will enable these partners to better optimize vaccine antigens and mAb constructs against infectious diseases that primarily impact the world's poor.


Just: Design company focused on bringing technologies and the integration of molecular design, optimized process development and flexible manufacturing to reduce the cost of production of biotherapeutics, thus enabling increased global access to these valuable products.

Foundation focus: Continue to support a critical and aligned partner and gain access to low-cost manufacturing to increase shots on goal for our infectious disease vaccine and mAb development efforts.


Series A-2 preferred equity
Date: June 2016
Co-Investors: ARCH Venture Partners, Merck, Lilly Asia Ventures
Associated funding: grant to support low-cost commercial-scale mAb technology development; grant to support optimization of HIV broadly neutralizing antibody ("bNAb") constructs

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