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T cells play a key role in protective immune response but are not incorporated into any existing vaccines. Traditional products leverage the humoral (B cell) rather than cellular (T cell) arm of the immune system.


The foundation is committed to researching new vaccines for a number of infectious diseases that disproportionately impact individuals living in developing countries. T cell response is critically important for protection from a number of foundation priority diseases.


Genocea Biosciences, Inc.
ATLAS platform allowed for the efficient identification and validation of T cell antigens that may improve immune response

Foundation focus: Investment speeds Company’s work in developing malaria and other global health products and increases likelihood of global access to developed products


Series C Preferred Equity
Date: September 2012
Co-Investors: Polaris Venture Partners, Lux Capital, SR One, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, Skyline Ventures, Cycad Group, MP Healthcare Ventures, Auriga Partners, Morningside, and CVF, LLC
Associated funding: none

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