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Affinivax, Inc.




Conventional technologies for manufacturing protein-polysaccharide conjugate vaccines are complex, inefficient and inflexible, contributing to high costs and product limitations

  • Conjugate vaccines are important in many foundation priority areas including pneumonia, enteric diseases, malaria and for formulating combination vaccines


Identify innovative technologies that enable development of novel and potentially more effective conjugate vaccines at an acceptable cost for the developing world:

  • Support technologies with the promise of achieving cost efficiencies to facilitate global access, achieve broader protection than existing vaccines, and target diseases where vaccine options are limited or unavailable


Affinivax, Inc.
Early stage company that is leveraging a conjugation technology spin-out from Boston Children’s Hospital

Foundation focus: Validate technology platform by obtaining proof-of-concept and scalability data with initial conjugate vaccine. Seek partners to provide funding for further development stages.


Unsecured convertible note
Date: June 2014
Associated funding: Additional investment upon completion of milestones

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