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Acrobatiq, Inc.




A college degree is increasingly a requirement to a middle class career and quality of life

  • However, this credential is out of reach for many low-income students further widening the gap between high and low income families


Invest in innovative, adaptive, personalized digital courseware to lower the cost of curriculum and improve student learning

  • High-quality, adaptive courseware has the potential to both reduce costs for colleges and universities and improve outcomes for students. Next generation digital learning can help students, especially in high failure, undergraduate courses students need to graduate.


Acrobatiq, Inc.
Adaptive learning education technology company providing post-secondary institutions and publishers access to a platform to develop and deliver high quality content

Foundation focus: Accessibility and affordability for foundation target populations, in order to improve learning outcomes


Series A Preferred Equity
Date: July 2015
Co-Investors: Draper Triangle and Hearst Ventures
Associated funding: $2M grant as one of seven Next Generation Courseware Challenge Winners (2014)

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