how we work

We are inspired by passion and compassion for the well-being of people. Long before we make a single grant for any given issue, we listen and learn about problems that cause inequity. Whether the challenge is low-yield crops in Africa or low graduation rates in Los Angeles, we begin by immersing ourselves in understanding the problems that cause great harm and get far too little attention. As we learn about an issue, we ask whether we can make a difference with our influence and investment. We get involved only if we believe we can make a unique contribution.

how we define strategy

We focus on big problems where we can make the greatest impact. To bring about the kind of change that can give all people the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives, our investments must be highly strategic and focused on results. We take risks, we push for new solutions, and we believe in the transformative power of science and technology.

We start by defining our major goals in the world and what we want to accomplish for people. Then we identify a path to get there and determine how we will execute to achieve those goals. This helps us get clear on what we choose to invest in and why, and how we can partner with others to maximize impact.

We pursue issues like health inequity in Africa, persistent poverty throughout the developing world, and the decline of public education in the United States. Although these problems are wildly disparate, they all share the characteristics of being deeply rooted, dynamic, and complex. None will be solved easily, none will be solved tomorrow, and none will be solved by us alone.

We Cannot Do It Alone
Our grantees and partners are at the center of our work. To create solutions with impact, we seek mutual understanding and collaborative partnerships. We engage with our grantees and partners in a spirit of trust, candid communication, and complete transparency.

The problems we seek to solve demand the coordination and focus of leaders, governments, private sector resources, communities, and individuals. We believe in the power of partnership. We bring together the best and brightest people in the world to envision change and build the path to get there. Together, we work for a world where all can thrive.

grantee profiles

  • Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

    Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) works to combat poverty and hunger in Africa by helping smallholder farmers boost their farm productivity and income.

  • Building Changes

    Building Changes works to end family homelessness in Washington State by fostering alignment of public and private support systems and by encouraging the use of innovative strategies from across the country.

  • ONE Campaign

    ONE raises global awareness of poverty, hunger, and disease through policy advocacy, grassroots mobilization, communications, and creative campaigns.

recently awarded grants

Grantee Year Issue Program Amount
The National Alliance to End Homelessness, Inc. 2014 PNW United States $100,000
Minnesota State Colleges & Universities 2014 Postsecondary Success United States $200,000
Excelsior College 2014 Postsecondary Success United States $200,000
Trustees of Dartmouth College 2014 Polio Global Development $628,734
Hispanics in Philanthropy 2014 U.S. Administration United States $50,000
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