What We Do

Regional Offices


Washington, D.C.

The foundation’s Washington, D.C., office leads our government relations efforts in the United States, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific region and serves as a base for programs that focus on the eastern United States. Located 10 blocks from the White House, it serves as a base for more than 80 foundation employees working on a range of foundation programs and in communications, legal services, and operations.


Europe and Middle East

Located in London, our Europe and Middle East office supports the foundation’s activities in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to working with grantees, the London-based staff builds relationships with governments, regional institutions, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); works to build and sustain donor partnership; and fosters political commitment to advance global health and development goals. Read more about the Europe and Middle East offices.



The foundation makes significant investments in Sub-Saharan Africa to address critical health and development challenges. These include efforts to increase access to vaccines, improve maternal and child health, expand access to voluntary family planning services, and improve agricultural tools to help smallholder farmers. We have representatives based in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa who work to advance our priorities in those countries and deepen our relationship with partners in the public and private sectors. Read more about the Africa offices.



Our New Delhi office oversees the foundation’s work in India, which includes partnerships with India’s central and state governments, NGOs, and the private sector. We began our work in India a decade ago with an initiative to curtail the spread of HIV. Since then, the scope of our work in India has expanded tremendously to include maternal and child health, health and nutrition services, vaccines and routine immunization, family planning, agricultural development, sanitation and the control of infectious diseases. Read more about the India Office.



The foundation’s office in Beijing supports China’s expanding role as a development partner for the rest of the world and assists China in addressing domestic health and development issues. We work with Chinese partners to advance public policy discussions and build support for foundation priorities such as polio eradication, tobacco control, and charitable sector support. We also develop partnerships to leverage China’s research and development resources and low-cost manufacturing capability in areas such as vaccines, diagnostics, drugs, and agricultural tools for Africa. These efforts include addressing quality-control issues and regulatory challenges in expanding the global reach of Chinese products to benefit those most in need.


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