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Jeff Murray



Dr. Jeff Murray, deputy director, Discovery and Translational Sciences focuses on preterm birth and early childhood growth development.

Jeff is board certified in pediatrics and clinical genetics and a human molecular/developmental geneticist with a 30-year academic career at the University of Iowa studying gene/environment interactions involved in human complex traits. He led the development of human genetic linkage maps as part of the Human Genome Project and was Director of the National Childrens Study node in Iowa and served on its Executive Committee. He is a co-author on 420 peer-reviewed articles, holds a current R37 (MERIT award from NIH), has chaired two NIH study sections, was a member of the Scientific Council for the NHGRI, and served on the Advisory Committee to the Director of NIH. Prior to joining the foundation in 2014, he is the immediate past president of the American Society of Human Genetics, and is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine. His research work has been interdisciplinary and international using genomics and population based approaches to identify complex trait causes for birth defects and preterm birth.

Jeff received his undergraduate BS in Biology at MIT, did his MD and Pediatrics Residency at Tufts School and was a postdoctoral fellow under Arno Motulsky at the University of Washington. He did sabbaticals at Oxford University and at the University of Southern Denmark.

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