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Fil Randazzo



Fil Randazzo, deputy director, Discovery and Translational Science team develops strategies and oversees a portfolio of investments and partnerships to direct scientific research toward areas where it can have the most impact and to accelerate the translation of discoveries into solutions that improve people’s heath and save lives.

Fil developed and leads the Vaccine Discovery Partnership (VxDP) - a series of bi-lateral partnerships with pharma and biotech, serves on the foundation’s team for program-related equity investments (PRI) and serves as the foundation’s relationship manager with the Global Good Fund at Intellectual Ventures, LLC. Fil manages the Translational Platforms Team, the Eliminate Dengue investment and the Target Malaria investment. He developed and leads the foundation’s Ethical, Social and Cultural (ESC) Program.

Joining the foundation in 2005 he has contributed to the oversight of over $1.5B in cumulative investments and has directly managed a $400M portfolio of grants and contracts in widely diverse program areas across six continents. He helped start and manage the foundation’s flagship technology and innovation engine, Grand Challenges in Global Health (GCGH).

Fil trained as an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and at Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto, earned a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from Indiana University in 1991 and a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame in 1985. He holds ten patents.

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