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Roy Steiner



Roy Steiner, deputy director, Agriculture, leads strategic partnerships focused on developing the foundation’s relationship with China, Brazil, and other major partners.

Roy started at the foundation as a senior program officer in the Strategic Opportunities Group. He helped design and execute the initial agriculture development strategy and was the team leader for the farmer productivity group, a $400m portfolio focused on soil, water, gender, extension and information technology innovations in Africa and South Asia. Roy was one of the architects the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa as well as the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency.

Before joining the foundation in 2005, Roy lived for eight years in Zimbabwe where he founded and ran Cyberplex Holdings, a group of companies located in three Southern African countries, involved with web software development, as well as evaluation and knowledge management for rural development programs. Previously Roy helped in the founding Africa Online, currently the most widespread Internet Company in Africa. Earlier in his career he worked at the Rockefeller Foundation on sustainable agriculture and then joined Mckinsey &Co as a management consultant.

Roy has a double BSc degree in Biology and Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MSc and PhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Cornell University. 

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