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Bill Gates on G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Mexico | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Gates’ letter to President Calderon in advance of summit urges G20 leadership to improve quality of life for all

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Dear President Calderon,

I am writing to wish you and your fellow G20 leaders well on the eve of your summit in Los Cabos. The leaders bear a heavy responsibility to steer the world back to financial solvency while promoting balanced economic growth that improves the quality of life for everyone.

The long-term health of the global economy depends on your ability to pursue an inclusive course of action, and find solutions for the poorest as well as the better-off countries. We need to take stronger steps, building on G20 countries’ own experience, to ensure broad-based progress in developing countries, especially in health and food production.

When we discussed development finance and innovation at last November’s summit in Cannes, I was inspired by the commitment and creativity of the leaders, and their recognition that encouraging development of the poorest countries was part of the G20’s role. Continuing economic problems have led to some cuts in Official Development Assistance and an overall tougher climate for poor countries. I believe this just underscores how important it is for the G20 to reinforce its work on development, and to continue to pursue creative approaches to development and its financing.

I am therefore glad G20 leaders have development on the agenda in Los Cabos, even if it won’t be at the forefront of your conversations. I’m encouraged by progress that’s been made in the very short time since the summit at Cannes, some of it along lines suggested in my report to leaders. For example, we have seen further advances in innovative

triangular partnerships between emerging, developing, and advanced countries, and a pilot is likely to be launched soon by a number of G20 countries with incentives to “pull” agricultural innovation into solving practical problems facing poor farmers.

I am optimistic about what can be accomplished with more time and concerted leadership from the G20 over the next few years. As the summit moves from Mexico to Russia to Australia, I will look forward to further opportunities to work with G20 leaders.

Best of luck in hosting this most important G20 Summit.


Bill Gates

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