Bin Pei, Senior Program Officer


As senior program officer, Bin Pei supports the foundation’s work to engage and mobilize China as a development partner. Bin has come far from her upbringing in Inner Mongolia, first earning a BA and MA in education and then an MBA. Her first job was with the Ministry of Civil Affairs where she became the Ministry’s youngest woman leader in 1996. She has since dedicated her career to international development, advocacy, and leadership initiatives. Bin joined the foundation in August 2010, and has brought her passion, enthusiasm, and extensive experience to China programs’ charitable development work. Bin shares more about her story and work within the foundation.

I am privileged and blessed to work with the foundation. Leaders at all levels of the foundation are greatly respected by Chinese business people, billionaires and young entrepreneurs alike. The Chinese are by nature very entrepreneurial and admire Bill’s ambitions and innovation coupled with his humility and philanthropic spirit.

The foundation’s greatest asset is its people. I’ve worked for four international organizations in China but the foundation is the best. Employees are diverse, friendly, and leaders in their specific areas of expertise. It is an honor to work with such people every day.

This is a fascinating organization in which people are continually growing and learning. We require people with a strong and nimble ability to learn, both inside and outside of the organization. You have to understand what’s happening in the world, keeping up with public policies, momentum, and private sector innovations. You can do your best learning here.

Rigorous business skills are essential. We are a foundation, but we operate very differently from others. The foundation isn’t just focused on existing programs; it is always exploring new opportunities. Our approach to grant-making involves constant monitoring, evaluating, and then rethinking programs. This rigor defines and then refines our strategy, which once in place, empowers us to move quickly with leverage that others don’t have.

Mission is everything. Our rigor ensures we achieve our mission, but our heart and passion are what drive it. You have to value the people you’re working with and champion the causes you’re working on. When I was in primary school, one of my best friends had polio. It hurt to see my best friend excluded from our exercises and physical activities. Now at the foundation, we have an opportunity to change history and end polio in our lifetime. Having the opportunity to change people’s lives is the most rewarding job I can imagine— and that is exactly what I get to do at the foundation every day.

I feel so privileged to encourage others to join this wonderful organization. I’ve never been asked to think or have thought about my job in this way and it has been inspiring to reflect on why this work is so moving. Thank you.

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