Code of Conduct


The foundation expects all of its activities to be conducted lawfully and consistent with the highest ethical standards, with each employee acting with personal integrity as well as coming forward and raising concerns should they become aware of any questionable activity involving the foundation generally. In essence, each foundation employee is responsible for:

  • Acting with integrity
  • Understanding and complying with this Code of Conduct and applicable provisions of law
  • Notifying the foundation if a violation of foundation Policy or the law has occurred
  • Fully and honestly cooperating in the investigation of an alleged violation of any foundation Policy or law, should it occur

It is not possible to describe every potential ethical situation that may be encountered; however, the policies listed below have been developed and adopted by the foundation to provide guidance for employees on responsible behavior expected in specific situations 1. The overarching expectation is that foundation employees will act in adherence to foundation policies and use good judgment to safeguard the foundation’s assets and reputation, recognizing our reputation is one of the foundation’s most valuable assets. 

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