How We Work

Information Sharing Approach


Around the world, institutions are maximizing their impact by becoming increasingly transparent.  This follows a fundamental truth: that access to information and data fosters effective collaboration.  At the foundation, we are embracing this reality through a continued commitment to search for opportunities that will help others understand our priorities better and what supports our decision making.  The foundation is also committed to helping the philanthropic sector develop the tools that will increase confidence in our collective ability to address tough challenges around the world. 

By sharing high quality data, we and our partners can better understand the problems we are trying to solve while developing more efficient and effective strategies to overcome them. With an open exchange of information and ideas, we can better assess evidence, identify opportunities, build trust and learn for each other’s experiences. 

We will continually refine our approach to information sharing by regularly exploring how we increase access to important information within the foundation, while studying other institutional efforts at transparency to learn lessons from our partners and peers.

Our Approach

The foundation’s approach to transparency is grounded in our commitment to helping our partners understand what we do and why we do it. Visibility and access to the following information about the investments we make and how we approach our work is intended to improve that understanding.

  • Strategy. A shared understanding of our strategies will provide interested parties the information to assess alignment with our goals and objectives. This will strengthen our partnerships and create greater opportunities for collaboration.
  • Outcomes. Information generated during the course of our investment activities – in the form of research studies, data sets, evaluation results, investment results and strategy-related analytics - is significant public good. Access to this information is important for accountability, provides valuable learning to the sectors that we support, will facilitate faster and more well-informed decision making, and contributes to achieving the impact we seek.
  • Investments and Operations. Our business processes – such as those for making investments - are better to the extent they are clearly understood and open to feedback.
  • Financials. Consistent sets of financial data are valuable for clarity, analysis, and accountability. We aim to publish our information in ways consistent with open data standards so it has greater value and context.
  • People. Sharing who we are along with our responsibilities will personalize the foundation by helping interested parties get to know the people behind our work, facilitate access to information and provide greater opportunities for collaboration.

We will share as much information as we can in support of our commitment. There may be some instances when publishing information would do harm to our employees, grantees, partners, or to the beneficiaries of our work. In these instances, we will provide additional information about why that information is not shared.

Our Commitment Demonstrated

Beyond our engagement with traditional media and use of social media platforms, our commitment to transparency is currently demonstrated by accessibility to the following data, information and knowledge but also in our support of and participation in transparency related efforts by the third parties described below.

The foundation will share how we are demonstrating transparency with continued updates to this list of commitments. 

  • Open datasets
    • Full grants database
  • Curated resource collections
    • Under development
  • Online data analysis & visualization tools
    • Under development
  • Survey participation
    • Chronicle of Philanthropy
    • Publish What You Fund
  • External reporting to trusted third parties
    • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
    • Foundation Center
    • IRS Form 990
  • Endorsement of (and engagement with) information standardization and open data efforts
    • Markets for Good
    • Glasspockets Reporting Commitment
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