You can support the Gates Foundation’s work by donating directly to our grantees. We also accept donations through Gates Philanthropy Partners, a public charity.

Investing in our Grantees

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is proud of what our grantees do to improve the lives of people who have the most urgent needs and the fewest champions. We encourage people who want to advance these causes to give directly to our grantees.

You can learn more about the essential work of our grantees by:

Contributing through Gates Philanthropy Partners

We prefer that people give directly to our grantees, but from time to time, individuals generously offer to contribute money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In response, we created Gates Philanthropy Partners, a 501(c)(3) public charity closely affiliated with the foundation. Gates Philanthropy Partners disburses donor contributions in alignment within the foundation’s programmatic objectives.

We understand how important it is to know that your contribution will be used to the greatest programmatic effect. Gates Philanthropy Partners offers donors the opportunity to align their giving with Bill and Melinda’s philanthropic vision, and to leverage the foundation’s resources, experience, operational infrastructure, and partnerships with extraordinary grantees. Donors have the opportunity to tap into the same rigor in due diligence, oversight, and monitoring the foundation applies to its own grantmaking.

With Gates Philanthropy Partners, our goal is not to fundraise but to honor the intentions of generous donors and the work of our grantees to help people everywhere live healthy, productive lives.

Contributions can be sent to:

Gates Philanthropy Partners
Attn: Global Finance and Accounting Services
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102

If you have questions related to making a contribution after reading the guidelines below, please contact us at

Making a Contribution

Gates Philanthropy Partners will acknowledge contributions by letter, which also serves as an acknowledgement of the contribution for tax purposes. Contributions that do not meet the guidelines described below will be returned to the donor.

Gates Philanthropy Partners have adopted the following guidelines for accepting donations:

  • Currently, Gates Philanthropy Partners only accepts unrestricted contributions of cash.
  • Contributions should not be earmarked for specific purposes or include conditions or contingencies.
  • Contributions can be made via check, cash, money orders, or wire transfer and may be tax deductible in the U.S. Gates Philanthropy Partners is unable to accept gifts of securities, real estate, personal property, or intellectual property directly. We do not currently provide an online giving option or accept contributions by phone or credit card.
  • Gates Philanthropy Partners appreciates the generosity of those who wish to raise funds on behalf of it or the foundation. Unfortunately, we cannot accept these types of contributions or those made by for-profit companies (with the exception of employee matching gifts) or government entities. Additionally, we are unable to track contributions to specific programs and are unable to provide attribution for individual contributions.

The foundation and Gates Philanthropy Partners are humbled by those who wish to join us in our work. However, a contribution does not entitle donors to participate in foundation or Gates Philanthropy Partners decision-making or provide special access to Gates Philanthropy Partners or the foundation’s leaders or staff.

Gates Philanthropy Partners reserves the right to decline contributions, even if they meet the guidelines laid out above. We also reserve the right to change our guidelines at any time and to make exceptions to our guidelines in special circumstances.

Guidelines for Bequests

Gates Philanthropy Partners can accept gifts made in a will, a revocable trust agreement, an irrevocable trust agreement, or any other manner of non-probate disposition if they meet the guidelines in this document.

Advance notice of an individual’s intention to make a gift to Gates Philanthropy Partners at their death is not necessary. We do not keep records of such notices, nor do we give public recognition to any individual who gives Gates Philanthropy Partners notice of their intention to make a gift.

Following our general guidelines, contributions do not entitle the heirs, beneficiaries, or estates of donors to participate in Gates Philanthropy Partners decision-making or give the heirs, beneficiaries, or estates special access to Gates Philanthropy Partners or the foundation’s leaders or staff.

A contribution that does not meet the guidelines described above will be returned to the distributing estate or trust (or to the custodian of any non-probate asset); Gates Philanthropy Partners may also choose to decline a contribution for any other reason.

Gates Philanthropy Partners and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation do not ask people to send money to either organization. If you receive a solicitation purporting to be from Gates Philanthropy Partners, please alert us immediately. We appreciate your help in bringing suspect communications to our attention.